17 January 2016

What To Do When You're Bored On The Plane


Since I easily get bored in a flight, I decided to tag along a buddy to have some company.. Meet Danbo.. He doesn't really do anything really, except for looking cute.. He'll be my travel partner this time.. Sad kan life of a forever alone.. Layaaan..

Where are we going? I'm tired staying inside your bag pocket
WE'RE INSIDE A PLANE? Really? We're going to fly? Where? Is it scary? Do you have parachute?

But the seat is too large.. And the seatbelt didn't fit.. Can I sit with you instead? Please? I won't bother you.. I promised I'll be good boy.
Hehe thank you..
No I don't want to look outside! Don't make me! Noooo! I'm gonna die! Seriously.. God just kill me..
Sooo pretttttyyyyyyyyy.. But can you tell the pilot to keep it low? It's too high.. We could die!
Hey look! I think I just spotted our house.. 
What are you reading? Play with me!
I'm bored! And hungry.. And thirsty.. Why are you doing this to me?
Wait is that.........................
Water! We're going to survive! Thank god!
Uuuuu orange juice.. My favourite..
Can you lent me a hand.. I tripped of inside the cup.. Again....
What a nice glasses you have.. I've never seen it before..
Holy shit I look fabulous! Who looks better, me or KimK?
Look I made a dress out of tissue.. Hey look at me! Why are you keep staring at the stewardess when I'm 100% cuter? 
You know what.. I'll just go to sleep since you won't play with me.. But this sheet is too small.. Got anything better?
Much better.. Wake me up when we're there.. Just go and play with the stewardess instead of me! I don't care..

P/s : I'm on holiday.. Terbengkalai lagi lah blog ni jawabnya.. I'll be back soon for more entries and blogwalking and whatnot.. Stay tuned..

And btw, he's OK.. Kejap ja merajuk dia tu..

Make sure I look thin in the photo! I want to post it in my instagram..

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nabila azmi said...

Hehe.. cute plak..

Aienienka Peter said...

tot some tips ke hape.. hahah nice one mr.doc ~

Leyha Hady said...

hhahaha homaigadd.. its so adorable LOL

At-Tarmizi said...

hahaha...very funny...make sure danbo is safe ok? =)

NADIA vs BERON said...

Hahaha comelnya!

Siti Nurzafirah said...

hahaha.. Langkawi ..?

ct cheery said...

Hahahaha comel la MD

Yana Libra said...


IQ = Iez Qis said...

IQ suka sangat danbo ni...beli kat mne? IQ dulu buat danbo kertas je..huuu

iAmCekbolat said...

hahaha cutenyee . kemana tu MD . tak ngajak pun hehe

Mr. Doctor said...

@IQ = Iez Qis Beli online sis.. Mahalnyaa harga dia.. Dulu tak tahu boleh buat sendiri T_____T

Mr. Doctor said...

@Siti Nurzafirah Ha ah langkawi sis.. huhu

Mr. Doctor said...

@iAmCekbolat Langkawi ja sis.. Kedah tanah ayaqku


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