Meet the Writer

Mind stuck at 15, face aged like 35, real age lies somewhere in between.

Mr Doctor, from northern blogger community, is a travel enthusiast yet find it difficult to produce the perfect insta-worthy pictures because, let's face the reality, he is a plus sizer. Yet, the world wasn't build just for pretty people. Ugly people travel too, hence, the very existence of blog to update on his life. Don't underestimate his gigih-ness to produce quality contents and photos for the social media. 

A graduate from School of Law, you sure don't wanna mess up with him. Y'all know that "See you in court!" phrase right? He is capable of making that a reality. Woah, why so serious. It's obviously a joke. Don't worry, he's nice and friendly. Well, sometimes. He's quite on the introvert side really but try hard to open up. Oh yeah, don't ask him legal stuff okay. 

Wanna be instant friend? Get clicked with these topics:
- Travel, any places
- Doodle
- Food, duhhh
- Gadgets
- Harry Potter!
- Korea and K-pop, don't judge
- Travel, again

While he self-proclaimed to be a traveller, only a few places on his bucket list managed to be crossed. Everyone is indeed a traveller on this Earth right? Cliché. There is still a long way to go. Follow his journey on Mr Doctor's Speaking. For collaboration or advertorial, contacts could be found on the sidebar.

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